PortuSPARK 5-Day European Portuguese Challenge

Join PortuSPARK and ignite your Portuguese in the next 5 days.

Get daily instructions that will help you learn the basics you need to have your first interactions in Portuguese.


🔑 Learn the sounds of the language so you can start making sense of it and understand when others speak to you

🔑 Start understanding why a chair is feminine and the sun is masculine in Portuguese so you start sounding more like a native

🔑 Find out what your country and city are called in Portuguese so you can tell where you are from

🔑 Learn the days of the week, the months, and the numbers so you can tell your age, when you were born, and much more

🔑 Put everything together so you can introduce yourself and start having your first Portuguese interactions

Are you wondering HOW you can do that? When you join the PORTUSPARK challenge, I will give you tasks that will help you boost your Portuguese in only 5 days!



Each Day Of The Challenge, A New Task With Instructions Will Be Given To You.

Follow Them Exactly, And Prepare To Boost Your Portuguese!

"I feel like I've tried everything to boost my Portuguese and I didn't get results - What makes the difference here?"

With this challenge, you will be asked to perform daily tasks, which are effective but perfectly feasible. You will be held accountable and if you stick to the instructions, you will see results.

"I am asked to give my all, but I have a really busy schedule, and in the end, even when I commit, I don't get anything out from it"

In this challenge, I take into consideration the fact that we all have busy lives, and I put together key ingredients for you to see results, without having to spend much time on it.

"The PortuSPARK: Ignite your Portuguese in

5 days" Challenge Is For You If You Are A...


If you are giving your first steps into the world of Portuguese, and you don't know where to start, or where to go, this challenge is for you!


If you have been trying to learn Portuguese, but you lack the motivation needed, this challenge can help you!


If you are just scouting whether or not Portuguese is for you, this can also help you find that out

...Who Wants To Give A Boost To Their Portuguese Because:

  • They want to be able to speak with their Portuguese family and friends

  • They want to work in Portugal and understand the ins and outs of every business

  • They want to enjoy the Portuguese culture fully and integrate into society

  • They want to travel to Portugal and understand the locals

  • All of the above...




He learned more things with Mia's free course than with paid courses from other sources!!



She can speak fluently and understand what people say by following Mia's Portuguese courses 💪


This student noticed an enhancement after each Portuguese lecture taken at Mia's academy



This student loves how Mia goes in-depth teaching you all topics, including how to correctly make the difficult Portuguese sounds


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And YES... it's FREE!

“What will I actually get by joining the challenge?”

You WILL get 5 days packed with tasks that will give you the tools you need to actually be able to introduce yourself to others, fully in Portuguese. This will allow you to start having your first Portuguese interactions, and feel more confident when you do it.

"I already have the Kickstart Your Portuguese - the basics free course. How is this different?"

Good question! This challenge is something that is new within the Kickstart Your Portuguese - the basics free course. You will get tasks that you didn't have in the original Kickstarter course, which will help you stay more focused and achieve results faster (as soon as in 5 days!).

"I'm pretty busy. Do I really need this?"

Do you want to finally start speaking and understanding Portuguese? Getting started is the most difficult part of the whole process, and sometimes we find ways to postpone it as much as we can. Doing this challenge will help you kickstart your Portuguese while being kept accountable. Plus, you just need a small portion of your day to achieve results in 5 days.

"Is Mia a qualified Portuguese teacher?"

Yes! Mia is a qualified Portuguese teacher, with more than 10 years of experience teaching online and on-site classes. Her education includes a Master's degree in Teaching Portuguese as a Second Language from Porto University, in Portugal, as well as a Master's Degree in Linguistics, from Utrecht University, in the Netherlands.

"How is this challenge going to be run?"

Over the period of 5 days you will receive one email per day with your instructions on how to complete the day's tasks to keep you accountable.

"For how long will this challenge be available?"

I am not sure yet for how long I will keep this challenge open, but it won't be forever. So, don't miss this opportunity to join us now!


See what other students of Portuguese have achieved

Learning a new language is always a challenge no matter how many other languages you might already speak. It will always require a lot of work. Fortunately, Mia’s course has made it easier to understand many basic rules and structures in a very pleasant and fun way. The course has helped me to take my first steps in this beautiful adventure, in learning Portuguese, and it has motivated me to learn more!


"The Kickstarter course has given me a good introduction to some of the basics. The videos are very engaging and there are plenty of helpful learning hints."


"Thank you for providing Kickstart Your Portuguese – The Basics. It has helped me to understand the basics of how the language works, and to start to make sense of the sound of Portuguese. Until now, whenever I heard spoken Portuguese, it sounded very strange. You are right about the importance of learning the sounds used in a language. Many thanks!"


Meet Mia - Your Portuguese Teacher

Mia Esmeriz

Come take this challenge with me, your Portuguese Teacher.

If you don't know me yet, that's ok! I am Mia, and I want to tell you that you can trust me on this journey because I have a lot of experience teaching Portuguese to people like you, who want to learn how to communicate and get along in Portuguese from Portugal.

In my 10+ years of experience teaching, I have had contact with students from all walks of life and from all over the world. I have successfully helped them achieve their goals, and if you let me, I would like to help you too.

Now you have two paths to choose from...

❌ You can continue going as you have gone until now, just trying to find your way in the super big amount of information (many times wrong!) available out there.


✅ You can let me, an experienced professional AND a native speaker of Portuguese, born and raised in Porto, guide you through this beautiful (albeit difficult, at times) path through the world of Portuguese and Portugal.

Join the Portuspark challenge now, for FREE, and let's take this journey together. Remember: it's from the 23rd to the 27th of October. Let me help you walk the path of less frustration and more learning.

See you soon! Let's ignite your Portuguese together 🔥

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👫 Start Having your first Portuguese interactions.

Learn how to introduce yourself in Portuguese, and feel at ease when you do it.

Find your Fire back to Ignite your Portuguese, and get the motivation you need to continue.


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